Welcome to the online companion for An Introduction to Sociolinguistics (Fifth Edition). The resources provided here are designed either for the student seeking to support their own self-study or for teachers of sociolinguistics to use in preparing their classes.

It is split into four sections:

  • Interactive activities: This will take you to a portal containing a range of interactive learning activities that involve a mixture of video clips and feedback on user interaction to enhance and extend the exercises from the book. These activities will be added to from time to time.
  • Audio and video examples: These are all available on our YouTube channel, the content of which will change over time, but is organised by chapter for ease of reference to the book.
  • Maps: A selection of interactive Google Maps showing some of the locations we mention in the book.
  • Learning and teaching resources: Teachers will find a selection of classroom activities here that we have created and used in the sociolinguistics course we have taught. Like the videos, this will be updated over time.
  • Glossary: A digital version of the glossary found in the text book.


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