QuestBank Help Guide


How do I see the full question and answer text for each question?

The Questions page only shows part of the question text, so to see the full text and answer options, you need to go to the Tests page. You can either create your own test or preview an existing test.


There isn't a test available when I try to export my chosen book.

If there are no tests available for your chosen book and chapter, you will need to create one, via the Tests page. It's possible that the book has been newly added and no one has created a test yet. Also, by creating your own test, you get to choose which (or all) of the questions are included and creating a test is really quick to setup.

Available Export Formats for Tests

Tests can be exported out to the following VLE packages:

  • Blackboard
  • Moodle

Other VLE packages may allow you to import questions in one of the formats above. Please refer to the Import section of your VLE's help guide.

You can also export tests out to a Word document (with or without the answer key) or as an HTML widget, to be embedded on a web page.

Importing Tests

For guidance on importing tests into your VLE, we recommend taking a look at the following help pages or contacting your IT department.




Currently we don't support exports into Canvas, but here is Canvas' guide on how to Import Question Banks. Please see 'Option 2: Use Respondus'