Welcome to the companion website for American Government: Political Development and Institutional Change, Eighth Edition, by Cal Jillson.

This website offers instructors and students helpful resources that build on the material in the book.

For instructors:

  • Instructor’s Manual that covers the key issues in the book and provides a starting point to your class preparation. Included are sample answers to the Focus Questions; Chapter Outlines; Lecture Suggestions (from Institutional, Theory/Philosophical, or Behavioral approaches); Suggested Projects, Exercises, and Activities; and additional print and online Resources.
  • PowerPoint Lecture Slides that provide the lecture outlines in presentation form, again with a variety of approaches to the material. Lecture slides also include the figures and tables from the textbook.
  • Test Bank with multiple choice, true/false, short answer, and essay questions in a free program that allows you to administer the tests directly online through this site; upload to programs such as Blackboard, WebCT, Moodle, and SCORM2004; or download to Word files. These tests are fully customizable—add, edit, or omit questions as needed for your course.

For students:

  • Chapter Summaries that cover the key points in the book.
  • Flash Cards that include key terms covered in the book.
  • Practice Quizzes to self-test and study for exams.
  • Critical Thinking and Learning Activities that provide opportunities to research and write on themes raised in the text.
  • Links to Further Resources, including audio and video.
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