Welcome to the Companion Website for Literacy and Learning in the Content Areas: Enhancing Knowledge in the Disciplines, by Sharon Kane

The fourth edition provides readers with the knowledge, motivation, tools, and confidence for integrating literacy in their disciplinary classrooms. Offering an original, literature-based approach to teaching disciplinary literacy, the new edition shares important ways in which teachers of courses in the disciplines can enhance student learning of subject matter and skills while also fostering their growth in the many facets of literacy. Throughout each chapter, Kane provides engaging and creative strategies and activities to make literacy come alive in discipline-specific courses and to encourage students to explore and learn in the classroom.

Featured Resources on this Website:

  • BookTalks introducing relevant books in many genres and subjects, encouraging readers to read the books for themselves and providing a model for book talks in their own classrooms.
  • Application Activities applying field experiences to classroom use.
  • A wealth of practical instructional strategies, examples, and materials. 
Sharon Kane is a professor in the School of Education at the State University of New York at Oswego, USA.

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